Hi! I’m Jaana 👋🏼

An interior designer & amateur hobby baker, slinging small batch loaves in my spare time, made with love from my humble little home in Adelaide.

The idea behind Surprise Bread is simple:

Surprise someone with a loaf of bread
Delivered to their door.

Made slow by hand by your neighbour (me)
Using locally sourced ingredients.

Celebration? Bread.
Commiserations? Bread.
New Baby / House / Job? Bread.
Celiac? Probably not bread… but bread?

So how did I get here?
I'm glad you asked! I did a home baking sourdough class in the latter part of 2021 - and have been honing in on my baking skills over the holidays.

I love good bread - and working with my hands. So I’ve started baking small batches of sourdough to give to my friends & family as a surprise. Nothing says

“hey I really like you”

more than a loaf of freshly baked sourdough. (There probably is way more - but let’s just go with it)

Through this age of covid, I’ve found myself drawn to looking around my community - to source local produce and support people around me who have been more affected during this pandemic than I have. Y'know, being someone who can continue to work from home unhampered while we tumble through these - dare I say “unprecedented” times.

With bread being an iconic symbol of this pandemic - I thought it would be good to have a platform where someone can order a loaf, and be delivered to a friend or loved one - like you would deliver someone flowers.

This random thought verbalised to my love and a few dear friends - surprise bread was born.

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